RLMartin Photo Gallery

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All the photos in the R. L. Martin Photo Gallery have been taken by Randy L. Martin of R. L. Martin and Associates.  You can use any of the photos free of charge on any legitimate, moral web site.  Mr. Martin is not a professional photographer, but enjoys photography and in that light would like to share his hobby with the world and maybe drive a little traffic to his web development business web site. All Mr. Martin asks is that you include in the Alt TAG for the photo the following:

"Photo by RLMartin"
link the photo to www.rlmartin.com

The photos are not high resolution enough for print publication, but if a high resolution photo is desired for print publication, it can be scanned and emailed in the desired format for a price of $60 for a one time print use.  Other arrangement can be made by emailing your request to rlmartin@rlmartin.com.

MAIN MENU:  Scenic | Wildlife | Energy | | Home Usage Guidelines
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