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What RLM Needs to Move Your Web Site

Here is what RLM needs to be able to move your existing web site to the RLM servers:

  • RLM needs the domain registrar name and username and password for your domain name
  • RLM will setup space for your web site on the RLM web server and send you the connection information
  • You can now copy up your web files to the RLM server.  If you need assistance, RLM will need the access information to your current site and can login, copy the files, and publish them to the RLM web hosting server.
  • You will be able to preview the site at its new location using the site IP address before making the transfer
  • RLM needs the email addresses that you want setup
  • RLM sets up the email addresses for your account and sends you the setup information (see Support Email Issues for setup instructions). To not miss any emails, its usually best to setup your new accounts in addition to your old account and keep checking your old account until you stop getting email. Then you can delete your old account.
  • Once everything is setup and approved, RLM will make the necessary changes to point your domain name to the RLM web and email servers


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